Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rural Tourism

Rural tourism focuses on participating in a rural lifestyle. It can be a variant of ecotourism which  involves visiting natural areas—in the remote wilderness or urban environments.

Here are some of the rural areas which are interesting to visit.

Kaardel Landetxea. San Martín, s/n. Gaintza (Navarra). Telf: 948 51 34 30

Finca Ronesa. Camino del Pantano, s/n. Tibi (Alicante). Telf: 966 18 10 84.

Cal Teixidó. Sol de Vila, s/n. Estamariu (Lleida). Telf: 973 36 01 21

Iriarte Jauregia. Eliz bailara, 8. Bidania-Bidegoain (Guipúzcoa). Telf: 943 68 12 34

El Privilegio de Tena. Plaza Mayor, s/n. Tramacastilla de Tena. Sallent de Gállego (Huesca). Telf: 974 48 72 06

Prado Toro. Camino Forestal, s/n. La Taha. Pitres (Granada).
Telf: 958 34 32 40

Perfeuto Maria. Cabanamoura, s/n. Outes (A Coruña). Telf: 981 85 10 09

Rural tourism allows the creation of an alternative source of income in the non-agricultural sector for rural dwellers. The added income from rural tourism can contribute to the revival of lost folk art and handicrafts.  It is an ideal and natural method of rural and urban economic exchange.

Relevance in Developing Nations
Rural tourism is particularly relevant in developing nations wherein farmland has become fragmented due to population growth.

Relevance in Developed Nations
Rural tourism exists in developed nations in the form of providing accommodation in a scenic location ideal for rest and relaxation.

Source of images: MSN viajes
Source of information:  Wikipedia

Rural tourism is great for young people and nature lovers, but I prefer lodging in a hotel in a well communicated area instead of an isolated one.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What it takes to be 88th

My mother Mary just turned 88 years old yesterday. We,  her five children, Remie, Cynthia, Kit, Ivy and Nel have gathered together to surround her with  love, caring and affection. We came from all over the world to bond as a family for a week long celebration full of surprises.   Kit and Chet came from the Philippines, Cynthia from Madrid, Ivy from New Jersey, while Kuya Remie, Ate Neneng and Nel are already in LA.

In comparison with the majority of people of her age, who feel that they are at the descent of their lives, my mother Mary is still enjoying the prime of her life feeling that she is the big chain that holds together a big group of family all concerned not only to make her continuously happy but also hoping that she can bless us and share with us part of her vivacity and joy.

What is the formula for people to stay lively, and competitively elegant with the rest of the group, regardless of their age?  It takes a lot of love, others' appreciation, a good and intact self-esteem, being financially independent, and being able to live in a place where the weather is mild and slightly cool, a sense of humor, a positive attitude and most of all her constant daily prayer.

My mother Mary is special, she is the central point of attraction wherever she goes and she knows it too because she exerts an effort to be always at her best  while being modest about her attitude towards anyone, treating everyone equally and captivating everyone with her charm.

So on her special day, we have started with a blast  showing up from all corners  of the world and taking each day as a challenge to make the new day even better than yesterday.  We all gather around her whenever we can, and we laugh and laugh all day remembering and reminiscing the day's activities and there is never a dull moment around her.  Whatever we plan for the day, she is always agreeable and never is there a complaint from her part, but gratitude.  She can join us for shopping,  stay up until late to join the fun, and can still wake up early for any activity that we plan for her, enjoying everything and anything that we do together. She manages to stay a lovely lady, very atypical from the usual resigned and unmotivated lady of  her age.

Friends adore her, her great grandchildren wish to be around her most of the time, her grandchildren take time to be in contact with her in any way possible and her children take turns to lavish her with care and affection.

Everyone in her family wishes that some genes would have gone in their veins to be just like our Mother Mary, still going strong at age 88 and doing things that a lady of her age would be doing.

Mother Mary, happy, happy birthday and may you have many, many more to come in good health and cheers.

We all love you!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Filipinos New Year's Beliefs and Practices

December 31 is the time of the year when children have a good time blowing their plastic toy trumphets called "Torotot". It comes in different shapes and sizes, colors and designs, it is a replica of a trumpet, Pinoy style.

Children also enjoy stamping on their watusi - a kind of small firecracker that when rubbed against a rough surface and released, crackles into a little sparkwork dance.

Aside from lighting firecrackers and having firework displays, Filipinos have other beliefs and practices which are associated and believed to bring good luck, fortune, and prosperity in the New Year.  Hubpages

Filipinos New Year's Beliefs and Practices

The noise and the firecrackers is believed to drive the evil spirit away and make the New Year bountiful and blessed.  Hubpages


One of the well-known Filipino beliefs during New Year is that children need to jump at the stroke of midnight if they want to grow taller.  GIjoh.com

You should open all the windows, doors lights so that all the graces will come to your home as you welcome the New Year.  This lets the aura of good luck into your home.


Some believe that you have to wear polka dots shirts or dress because it symbolises money, and it must have a deep pocket and filled with money bills and coins and jingled it at the stroke of midnight for good luck . GIjoh.com

All Filipinos know this New Year belief – displaying circular fruits (such as oranges, grapes, longgan, watermelon, etc).  Why? Filipinos think that these circular items symbolize money and having them at the start of the year will definitely bring them good luck.  GIjoh.com


Some people pay off their debts in the hope that they will not be saddled with debt throughout the year.  Hubpages          

Manigo at Masaganang Bagong Taon Sa Inyong Lahat !!!
A Happy and Prosperous New Year To All !!!