Tuesday, February 14, 2012

So It Is Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is a yearly celebration specially among lovers and depending on each one's financial means and creativity, there usually is a gift for everyone.  But here is something for a change.  How about spending the event in a heart-shaped island?  Here are some islands with the form of a heart.

1. Galešnjak (Croatia)

In the "Island of Love" there lives only one colony of rabbits and and some eagles that go for them as a prey.  Its real name is  Galešnjak and is located in the Adriatic, near the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.  Although its peculiar heart shape has been  registered since 1806,  as acknowledged to the cartographers of Napoleon, it was  Google Earth who gave it  world fame.  When its romantic geography was highlighted by a virtual map, it was converted as an attraction for lovers who were enthusiastic to celebrate  their Valentine's Day there.  Its owner, Vlado Juresko, gave his consent so that some couples can get married in this island.

2. Heart Reef  (Whitsundays Island, Australia)

Heart Reef is a coral formation in Whitsundays, Australia, probably physically small in size, but the archipelago uses it as a symbol for  its tourist logo. Whitsundays is an attraction for deep sea diving and weddings, including some weddings are celebrated under the water.

3. Tavarua Island (Fiji)

In the middle of the Pacific, within  the archipelago of Fiji, Tavarua is a private island of 29 hectáres that lodges a tourist resort.  It accommodates 36 persons and can be rented totally as for a wedding for example, where second cousins can no longer fit in.

And to end, here is Elvis Presley's Island of love song.

Source of images and text:  Turistario
By:  Patricia Gosálvez

Love comes in different sizes and shapes, and anyone can have his own imagination to make any day a special one.  But the richer one is, the more can one afford to make his imagination fly.

Happy Valentine's Day to all, lovers or non-lovers since love is for everyone and makes no distinction.

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  1. Happy Valentine's day to you too, let's make every day special!