Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mother's Day in Spain, May 2012 Isabela Market

Mother's day, what an important event!  Unlike in USA and the Philippines, Mother's Day is celebrated in Spain  on the first Sunday of May.

Mel called me up early to greet me from Bournemouth in UK. And today was quite a cloudy day with the sun  trying to shine through and hardly could,  being held by the dark clouds, but the temperature was pleasant inspite of a faint wisp of the wind, every now and then.

Ron came in time to join me to hear mass in our church in town, mass was officiated by a bishop from the nearby town of Alcala de Henares, and the bishop came particularly to bless our baptismal font and our church bells in the parish church. It felt good to get a special blessing from a bishop and a special message on the importance of Christ in our lives.

After mass, Ron and me decided to go and eat in the newly inaugurated Isabela Gourmet Market, in Madrid.  Even if finding a parking space in Madrid is oftentimes difficult, we were lucky that Ron found one that was close to where we wanted to go.

Here are some of our pictures taken from the Isabela Gourmet Market and what we chose to eat:  crepes of shrimp and mushrooms, and Serrano ham, mini hot dogs on buns, tempura shrimps, (small fried squids, not shown), grilled tuna, salmon and  ice cream for dessert.  Tapas were a little bit expensive, ranging from 3 Euros above, but for a place that is in the plush area of Madrid, prices were still relatively cheap.  It was a different way to celebrate a special event like Mother's Day.  Just missed Mel, but we will soon be seeing each other anyway. Another more day to be thankful for.

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