Thursday, June 28, 2012

Vips' vs Mcdonald's Hamburger


We have two different burgers as shown above. The  one on the left  is from Vip's and it has pickles, fresh tomato slice, a big piece of burger with onion  fry and fried egg on a toasted soft bun.  The one on the right  is from McDonald's. It has cheese, burger, fresh tomato slice, red onion The marketing manager from McDonald's, Hope Bagozzi has informed consumer through a video as to why the ad in their menu does not seem the same as what is purchased. And the reason that was given is that the burger as it goes for its photo shoot, undergoes a change through photoshop and with the ingredients placed in such a way that all the ingredients are shown to make the burger look more appetizing (cheese unmelted). They also add tomato sauce by using a disposable needle.  Likewise, she added that when the hamburger is purchased, it is still warm and as the container's cover is closed, steam  causes the hamburger to contract thus appearing  smaller.  Bagozzi, however pointed out that for  the burgers in the advertisment, they use the same ingredients as those found in the store.

On the other hand, the burger from Vip's is not only provided with more ingredients, but also comes with a special sauce and a better quality meat.  Of course, it is about three times as much costly.  But the way it looks in their picture is almost the same as what  is served. And if you are lucky, you can get a free Vip's burger in one of their invitations to attract client's loyalty as I did today.  It was really delicious and as huge as it looks.

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  1. You can find delicious hamburguers in Vips, it's true!