Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Story of The Prodigal Son

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Once upon a time, there was this prodigal son who by force of destiny, had gone astray from his family.  But by choice, he decided to return to his roots, once his obligations already allowed  him to do so.

But then when he returned and with a child,  he found out that his father has died and that the mother has been attended all this time that he was gone, by the rest of the siblings.  And that one has gained authority inspite of not being the oldest in the family, after having taken care of all of the mother's needs in all aspects.

Although the mother celebrated the return of the prodigal son, the latter was faced  with several impediments.  One of the siblings, who took the main authority, no longer wanted to cede the place that he now occupies in the family, feeling that he has gained entitlement to it and by virtue of the years that he held this authority, considered that  he has gained full right to the title.  He did not  want to discuss the matter of authority and would rather stay in his comfort zone.

So the prodigal son, thought it necessary to call the rest of the siblings as witnesses so someone can act as the jury, but not before saying that  the jury must be quiet until the complete hearing was done, from both sides.  But then the second of the siblings started to interrupt and gave what he considered to be a neutral counsel,  without consciously  knowing that by doing so, he was disobeying the order of the prodigal son and perpetuating a defense for the one in possession of authority.   The second sibling finally said:  you must settle your differences first with the one holding authority, and keep  me out of your disputes, because I cannot do anything about it.

Another sibling said that it was okay for the prodigal son to come back, but does not think it seemed right to have the prodigal son come back with his child, although he ventured that the prodigal son, has the choice to bring his child, and it depends on the prodigal son whether he wants to do so or not.  But not before having given previously the full invitation for both prodigal son and child.   To which, the prodigal son thought: "how can I come home with a partial invitation now, when at first, he gave me a full invitation to me and my child, and I already made a promise to my child that I will bring him along with me?  He was faced with a dilemma, since now  the full invitation has been withdrawn to change it to a partial one with  an indication  of  "take your child against my advice as you wish, but don't forget that it is against my advice".  Although his child is an adult now, the prodigal son thought that he still has his responsibility towards him.

So he went to the same sibling and asked again:  Please can you re-consider since my child is old enough not to give a problem of any kind in cumplying with my obligations with our mother, I just want to present my child to the rest of the family to see for himself how they live and pay respect to his grandma.  And yet, the same reply was given:  "I told you once, and I am telling you twice:  I do not think that you can give full attention to our mother, if you bring your child with you, and do not ask me again because you will no longer receive any  answer from me",  so he replied, almost angrily.

The prodigal son was at a loss, so he turned again to the three siblings and said: " Please, just let me be with Mother for a week or so and let us celebrate my return together with my child, because I  do not have any intention of taking away your authority in the family but I just want to celebrate with you a reconciliation in the eyes of our mother.  So that together we can be happy instead of waiting someday to meet and cry before her grave.  The prodigal son knew that, just like when his father died, he will not be present in a celebration of grief and condolences, it was just not one of his principles.

But all the efforts and pleas of the prodigal son were all received with "NAY, NAY, NAY".  So the prodigal son just bowed his head and prayed.  He prayed that someday his siblings will realize that he comes back with a mission of peace, that he realizes that for the long time that has elapsed since he left, his siblings no longer know him as who he is today, that his intentions are noble and honest, but on the other hand, the prodigal son realizes that he should be patient and wait until his siblings face the reality, so that he can be received as the new person that he now has turned into, a better and wholesome member of the family, an asset never a liability to be given the right to the place where he belongs as a respectable part of a family nucleus.

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts, only my thoughts.

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