Friday, April 13, 2012

Bullfighter's regret

The above photo has been circulating on the internet, with claims that it is Alvaro Munera Builes, a Colombian animal rights activist who in his youth fought as a novice bullfighter under the name "El Pilarico" in Colombia and then Spain, where he completed 22 bullfights. However, others like Fiskeharrison in his blog questions the veracity of the identity of the person as portrayed.
The picture seems to show the collapse of the bullfighter Alvaro Munera as his conscience overcame him in the middle of his last bullfight... as to the injustice to the animal.

The picture says:  "Suddenly I looked at the bull.  It had that innocence .... that all animals have in their eyes and it looked back at me as if imploring. There was a cry of justice, very, very profound within me.  I describe it like a prayer, because if one confesses one has the hope of being forgiven.  I felt like the worst shit there was in the world".

In 1984 a bull called ‘Terciopelo’, from the breed of Marqués de Villagodio, caught him in the foot and tossed him across the ring, fracturing his fifth cervical vertebrae, along with other injuries, rendering him paraplegic. He was transferred from Spain to a recuperative facility in Miami to be closer to his relatives in Colombia. There, the doctors, nurses, other patients and their families treated him with contempt due to the source of his injuries. In his own words, he converted to their point of view because “there are more of them, they must be right.”

Now After having killed 150 bulls, and  paraplegic, he is part of the organization Fuerza Anticrueldad Unida por la Naturaleza de los Animales (Fauna) in defense of animals and  became a councilman in Medellin in 1997 where he engaged in promoting the rights of the disabled.

Whatever the truth is, the fact still remains that there is hope for one who admits his mistakes and acts in consequence to his conscience.

Source of  information and image:  Wikipedia,  The Last Arena

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