Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Priceless Historical Anecdote... 1892

This happened in 1892, a true and part of a biography

A man of about 70 years was travelling on a train, having beside him a young University man that was then reading a Science book .  The gentleman, on the other hand, was reading a book with a black cover.   The young man noticed that it dealt with the Bible and it was opened on the words of Saint Mark, the Evangelist.

Without further ado, the lad interrupted the reading of the old man and asked:

- Sir,  do you still believe in that book full of fables and stories?

- Yes, and besides, it is not a storybook, it is the Word of God.  Am I right? - Well, of course it is.    Sir, I think that you should read the Universal History. You would see that the French Revolution, that happened more than 100 years ago, demonstrated the shortsightedness of religion.  Only the people without culture, are still believing that God made the world in 6 days.  Sir, you must know a little more what our Scientists say about all that.

- And... is that the same as what our scientists say about the Bible?
- Well, since I am getting off in the next stop, I have no time to explain it to you, but give me your card with your address so I can mail you  the scientific materials by post  as soon as possible.  The old man, therefore, with a lot of patience, opened carefully the right pocket of his bag and handed the card to the young man. As soon as he read what was written thereof, he left with his head down, feeling worse than an ameoba.  The card read:

Professor Doctor Louis Pasteur
Director General of the Institute of Scientific Investigations
National University of France

A little of science separates us from God.
A lot, keeps us close to Him.

... Dr. Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)

P.S.:  The best pleasure of an intelligent person is to appear like an idiot, before an idiot that looks intelligent.

Louis Pasteur was the 19th century giant of microbiology who proved the germ-theory of disease and invented the rabies vaccine. His humility certainly did not hinder his greatness and his commitment to science did not preclude his belief in God.

Whether this story is true or not, I cannot tell, but it was written about him that:

Louis Pasteur did not deny religion, but was compelled to say that, "religion has no more place in science than science has in religion." The role of religion in his mind was clear:

"In each one of us there are two men, the scientist and the man of faith or of doubt. These two spheres are separate, and woe to those who want to make them encroach upon one another in the present state of our knowledge! "  Source:  Pasteur Brewing.

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