Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Amazing Animated Photos by Jamie Beck

Jamie Beck, a New York photographer, with the help of web designer Burg Kevin, developed a technique that promises to create a new trend in digital magazines and newspapers.

Beck subtly animated small elements of  photos, in GIF format, thereby creating works of art.  His images in the Fashion Week in New York are surprising.  Beautiful models with slight movements of either one leg or a hand, with hair seemingly blown up by a swift gust of wind, or with ornaments moving gently, are just a few of his artworks.

Being GIF images, they  are light and quick to download, contrary with videos.  Called  "Cinemagraphs,"  the images in movement as photographed by Beck are only a sample of  what is yet to be achieved with this new technique.

Source:  email from Ron September 20, 2011
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