Monday, September 12, 2011

Travel to Cracovia Part II

Other things that we have seen and done in the Jewish town of Kazimierz, Krakow:

- We went to the flea market, which is considered to be  the  biggest in the area, but I have seen better ones in Madrid.  Nevertheless, we took advantage of buying a blouse for Mel to change what  she was wearing since she was getting uncomfortable, after all, the  sun was getting to its peak.  She also bought a nice, original necklace and all for a small amount of money that would help the poor a little bit.  The lady vendor who hardly knows to speak any language but Polish, was so funny  because when Mel tried the blouse on she started to say with a big smile:  "super, super".

Then we walked around to the part that we did not see the previous day and found some naif shops carrying souvenirs and I bought a pair of Polish  couple made of cloth from a charming old lady who gave us a postcard as a gift.

We saw a painted car that was cute. The blouse and the blue necklace is what Mel bought from the Flea market.

We also saw a festival the other day in the Jewish town with a lot of stands mainly selling honey, but I did not want to even go near them because the bees were hovering around them.  There were old people playing some instruments and also some food that they were serving but we did not try any.

Instead we tried their famous Zapiekanki in  Bar Oko in Plac Nowy in the vicinity of  the flea market.  We enjoyed eating their typical food.  It was good although I prefer the Spanish bread.  But I would not have left Cracovia without eating the well known (as I read previously and jotted down in my list of not to be missed) Zapiekanki.

The houses were not properly maintained but rather old and poor looking.

More to tell, coming in Cracovia Part III.

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