Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Travel to Poznan, Poland

We headed off to Poland with the first stop in Poznan on August 30, 2011. My flight with Ron from Madrid to Poznan was delayed for more than an hour due to a technical problem of the plane, but it was not too bad because we brought our lunch and I already traced the bus/tram routes from the airport to the Apartment hotel so it was easy for Mel to go directly to the apartment as she arrived earlier than us from London.

The apartment Apartamenty Pomaranczarnia is huge with two bedrooms, a kitchen, a long hall and a modern bathroom. The only thing negative (?) is that it is on the third floor without a lift, but compared with a regular hotel room, this is a much better place.


What impressed me most in Poznan:

1) Stary Rynek or Old Market Square – It is one of the most beautiful plazas in Poland. It has several colorful buildings with four fountains representing Apollo, Poseidon, Mars and the kidnapping of Prosperine. At 12 o'clock you can see the two steel goats banging their heads in the City Hall clock. This is the symbol of Poznan.  There are many restaurants and bars to compliment the splendor of the plaza and they are not too expensive. Poznan's tourist attraction is centered in this old market square specially when the clock strikes 12 at noon.

2) La Colegiata – A Catholic Church Cathedral of the 16th century with an exquisite   gold-like decoration and gigantic marble columns. I am surprised that this is not included  in most of the recommended places to visit in Poznan because it is spectacular.  This is where I saw the longest queue of people waiting for their turns to the confessional. There are several other beautiful churches but we did not have much time to see them.


   3) Palmiarnia Palm House – It has 17,000 plants of 700 species from warm water 
       and  hot climates. The giant ferns and cactus collection with some animal species, 
       exotic fishes and flowers are a must to see. There is a small aquarium here.

   4) A quaint restaurant.

5)  The appetizer of lard and cucumber (uhmmm???).  The dessert of apple crumble pie
     with ice cream topping.  Simply delicious!

6)   The best dessert and tea in Veranda CafĂ©.

7)  The funny bike ride.
Old Marych is a fictitious citizen of Poznan created by actor Marian Pogasz in a successful and very popular radio program from 1983 till 1999 when the actor died. The programs were short stories told in a special local accent. They were spicy comments on life that Old Marych saw while going to work on his bicycle, observing people and sometimes commenting on the political situation of his times.When you look into the face of Old Marych you will see the face of Mr. Pogasz. (Taken from the web, but I cannot remember from where).


And this is just part of our trip to Poland!


  1. It was A PERFECT TRIP! good weather, friendly people, lovely places, cheap food, great beer and most of all..being with MUM & RON!. Thank you both. Lots of love, Mel

  2. Your trips are always great! I only know Krakow and I remember the old market square, a huge one!

  3. And food was excellent and cheap, diet another day!