Thursday, September 15, 2011

Moon Over Alabama

Moon Over Alabama (1963)
Shoes in the city

One Sunday, in a city, two pairs of shoes crossed each other. "Hi, greeted the woman's shoes.  How are you doing?"

"We are not doing very well", replied the man's shoes.  "Our owner is a traveller, and we do not stop the whole day.  Neither is there any time for us to get wiped with a dustcloth.  On the contrary, you with those heels that are so beautiful..."

"Do not complain.  Our life is boring.  Since we are dress shoes, we are shown around only on festive occasions and ... Goodbye! Goodbye!..."

Their owners were going so fast that they were left with the words in their toes.

Abstract paintings can admit a lot of interpretations.  In this case, I can picture three people.  Two elegantly attired man and woman, probably not knowing each other crossing a pedestrian lane (symbolized with the dotted white lines).  And it is nightime, and the lady seems to be wearing a mask, or is that a face covered with make-up?  Every painting tells a story but whether it is what the painter portrays or something else is difficult to tell.

Painting by:  Richard Lindner (1901-1978)
Source of Image: Wikipaintings
Story translated from the Book:  Abecedario de Arte by Carlos Reviejo and Ana Moreno
Rebordinos Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza 

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