Friday, September 30, 2011

This Sheep Thinks He's a Dog

What happens when a sheep is raised as a dog? Will it acquire the habits of a dog? And what happens if you put it with its flock?

Well, a sheep in England thinks it's a dog and Jack the sheep is so convinced he's a dog that he nudges his owner until she puts him on a leash.

The sheep's name is Jack, and it's not his fault he's confused. Alison Sinstadt and her partner Simon Sherwin, who have a farm in Shropshire, England, brought him indoors when he was just a wee lamb because he was quite small. They raised him with their springer spaniel Jessie, and now Jack is so convinced that he's a dog too that he fetches sticks, walks on a leash, and even tries to bark (though it comes out more of a baa-rk).

And putting the 6-month-old ovine in a field with his own flock doesn't help a bit: he just tries to herd them. It's positively unherd-of!

Source of images and news: MSN

I wonder how long the friendship will last between the dog and the sheepdog! And if they say that a dog is a forever friend, can we say the same thing with the sheepdog? And the springer spaniel Jessie, does he think that his inseparable playmate is also a dog?  Oh, my, oh my!

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  1. Funny comment mum! It's like my story with the pigs on the beach! Some English people have an exceptional passion for animals, huh! Mel