Monday, October 10, 2011

Diet Another Day

A Dieter's Despair
© Don Hewitt
Oh my soul, be thou quiet
This is not 'another diet'
Just a program of exchange
Though some things do seem strange

Raw vegetables and 'brock-o-lee'
Does not sound too good to me
Lots of tofu and bean sprouts
While my empty stomach shouts

The meaning here is quite plain;
This program is designed for pain
Someone with anorexia planned
A program that tastes like sand

My hands are sweating, my soul is dreading
I must keep this thing from spreading
My only hope, the paper shredder
It finally made this diet better

Source:  Family Friend Poems
Source of image:  Fotosearch

Some people are lucky to be able to eat what they want without getting fat, but of course these are usually very active people who spend most of their time burning calories of what they eat.  But to some others whose daily activity is mainly centered on getting up and sitting down, this is where dieting becomes a must.  And yet, to this group the "must do" becomes "relish today, diet tomorrow" combined with "I am going to exercise everyday (except today)".

The best strategy when you encounter these judgments is to remind yourself: I don't have to like it nor ask if I "feel like it today"; I just have to do it.  That time is now, not tomorrow, the day after or the day after that. And this goes for me!

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