Saturday, October 15, 2011

False Spring in Autumn

My Pressed Flower Art- Chat
As I was chatting with my daughter last night, she asked me if I have noticed the strangeness of the gardens lately.  And rather surprised by the question, I asked her why.  To which she replied:  "nature seems confused because now buds are getting fatter with  flowers in bloom while plants go in brand new bright green".

This morning I looked into my plants and sure enough, I saw several growing sprouts from my plants that used to be idling usually at this time of the year. Then I looked at the leaves of the trees by my window and I was amazed that only a few leaves have turned to a different color when we are almost a month over from a technically autumn stage.  And yet, I no longer see the birds  posed by the branches  chirping their little heads in the morning.  The days are now shorter and chilly in the evenings. But the temperature is at summer high during the day and with no visible sign of rain in the clouds allowing the moon to be at its full splendor to accompany us in our short walks during the nights before we lay our sleepy heads to bed.  Whether it be false or real, the longer the warm and sunny weather lingers the better for us to enjoy nature at its best.

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