Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wool Urban Street Art

Magda Sayeg, known as Knitta, is considered as the "mother" of this activity which started almost by accident in 2005. It occurred to Magda that by covering the handlebar of her store's door (in Houston) she would be able to attract passerbys along the street, her instinct proved to be right. And she started to knit for urban furniture starting from street lights, billboards, and cars which inspired a group in Valencia to knit covers for their famous bollards. (Pls refer to Post on Knitted bollards of Aug 14, 2011)  

A new fad has began called:

"Yarnstorming: the art of enhancing a public place or object with graffiti knitting" (Or putting knitting on something unexpected in public and running always giggling wildly) or so is it described by the friendly knitters in their blog.

If you want to see more of their graffiti knits visit their blog at

Source of article:  El Pais by Mari Luz Peinado Oct 6, 2011

Photos by:
Mary Roland - trees
César Ortega - bus
Jean Michel Sicot - sock
Urban Knitting - butterflies on trees                

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  1. Nice way to decorate our cities but I think knitting wouldn't last very long in Madrid, people get everything!