Sunday, July 17, 2011

For Kate

Slice Of Life

Take a taste of a new slice of life

Carve it with an aging knife

Taste it all both sweet and sour

Sometimes feel the lack of power

You may need to add some seasoning

Perhaps temper it with reasoning

Share it often with somebody

Wash it down with water muddy

Try not to choke on the bones

Watch out for them evil gnomes

Try not to let it all turn rotten

To become just trash soon forgotten

Not perfect is the changing recipe

So be prepared with sympathy

But more important then all above

Treasure your slice with all your love
      May you have a lucky, lucky, lucky full year ahead! ... and a beautiful birthday cake  with its candles to blow all your wishes to come true!

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  1. Happy Birthday Kate! Please share your celebration details!

  2. blessed birthday again,kati...hope you enjoyed the celebration with us....kahit wala kang BF patient and God will give you the best christian guy!!!

  3. Happy belated birthday Kate! Hope you had a great day. So...what did you do? Please post your comments on the blog. Lots of love, Mel