Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Baths

Bathing in the river

HAZIR REKA (REUTERS) | 19-07-2011
Two Albanian kids while they take a rest under the sun over a rock in the Beli Drim river, near  Djakovia, 80 kms. from the  Pristina capital.
Source:  El País
Bathing in algae
AFP | 18-07-2011
The bank of algae that invaded the Qingdao coasts, east of China, have not impeded bathers to go to the beach and enjoy a typical summer Sunday.
Source:  El País

Bathing in a pool
The world's most crowded swimming pool, located in Tokyo, Japan summerland. In  summer, there are too many people in the pool that there simply is no water to draw from. Call this socializing!
Source:  Hub Pages

Bathing in a Fountain
ULY MARTÍN | 26-06-2011
Due to the high temperature, some teens refresh themselves in the fountain of  Templo de Debod in Madrid.
Source:  El País
I am happy with my bath tub and my shower!

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  1. I remember having a foam bath in a disco in Ibiza. Faces of mum & dad when they saw me and after calling a taxi cab were priceless!