Friday, July 22, 2011

A Young Believer

This is a story that I have translated from one of the blogs that I have visited.

Being a believer has its advantages. I am a believer, and I believe in  God, and the everlasting life, and these beliefs come very handy under certain circumstances.

Here is one of them:

- “Mommy, how did the human race come about?”

- “God created man and woman and from there they came; they had children and then the human race started".

It seems that the girl was not very satisfied with the reply, because she asked her father:

- "Daddy, how did the human race come about?”

- "It has been a long time that the monkeys existed.  With the passing of the years, they have developed and were converted into men.  And that is how the human race was created".

And the girl, quite perplexed, turned to her mother and asked:

- “Mommy,  How come  that you told me that the human race was created by God and Dad told  me that they came from the monkeys?"

And the mother without hesitating said:
- ”My dear, I talked about the origin of my family and your Dad about his".

This is just a joke and not a real case (as far as I know). But it was just what I needed, whoo, whoo!

Source:  Un BaƱo de Espuma

Sometimes we have no better option than to believe specially in times when we are not in control of the situation. It gives us the positive energy to stay focus and provides us with the power to keep on going.   Here is a song from the movie "Shrek" to inspire you to regain your faith in case you have lost it.

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