Friday, July 15, 2011

Sad But Brilliant

"He who listens is wiser.... than him who only believes in his own judgement".

Quino  or  Joaquín Salvador Lavado born in Mendoza  Argentina in 1932, is a famous cartoonist and author of Mafalda.  After being desillusioned with the way children of today are being educated,  he  expressed his views and concerns with the following sketches.

The children of today are the  pillars of tomorrow and how we educate them will make the difference. Contrary to the opinion of many, education should start from the time they are born.  We can help to create a better generation, by teaching through our good practices our children to be creative, to live in harmony, to be conscious of environmental protection and care, to LOVE, DREAM, ENJOY without prejudice of others, and most of all that the whole WORLD can be happy if WE JOIN HANDS....

Source:  Alicia Jordana Butticaz
         email of July 13, 2011 
Source of first image: Official web site of Quino
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  1. I love Mafalda comic strips and Quino is one of my favourites cartoonists. When I was a teenager someone told me that I look like Susanita, Mafalda's best female friend.

  2. My favorite quote of Susanita:
    "My son will be a doctor! And as I pass by, I will hear people say: "There goes Doña Susanita the mother of the doctor, son of Doña Susanita! And everybody will get sick of envy... And my son will get rich curing those sick of envy!" jejeje

  3. My favourite character is Manolito, a busines man!

  4. we should be a role model to our children so they can pass on the same attitude/beliefs to their children as well!!!